The main task of leenea queue system is to prevent congestion at the counters and unnecessary standing in lines.

Clients are provided with all the possible comfort of services, as well as functional ordering in which clients are waiting for the required service.

Usage of leenea system significantly raises the level of service and creates a more relaxed atmosphere for customers and employees at the counters.

leenea system is completely modular and perfectly adapts to the user’s needs


Successfully implemented leenea projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

leenea systems have been successfully implemented and put into operation in many institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By implementing these systems it is easier for employees to work on counters, as well as for users to use their services. Hence, the overall comfort of providing services, as well as the atmosphere of residence within the institution, are improved. So far, 11 “leenea – waiting line” projects have been successfully implemented, giving a total of over 7500 satisfied customers.

We would highlight the following projects:

  • Police station Tuzla –  Ministry of Internal Affairs Canton Tuzla
  • Police station Kladanj –  Ministry of Internal Affairs Canton Tuzla
  • Police station Kalesija –  Ministry of Internal Affairs Canton Tuzla
  • The municipality of Doboj
  • The municipality of Maglaj

Check below to find picture gallery of the implementation and putting to operation development of the leenea projects in previously named institutions.